Today's weather on Maui and Hawaii and T a h o e

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Weather Maps for Today on Maui, Hawaii, and our other properties

Wailea Maui Hawaii Weather Map

This weeks weather in Wailea - Today    1 Week

Close up:  Hawaii Close Up Visible Current photo

South Lake T a h o e  Weather

Weather Map

Wailea at

Glenn James, Maui Weather Today:

Hawaii radar loop:


NOVA: Global Warming - What's Up with the Weather DVD

NOVA: Global Warming - What's Up with the Weather DVD

Ponder the questions that are puzzling weather scientists all over the world – and gain new insight into what the future might hold for our species and our planet.Man-made carbon dioxide has overloaded the earth's atmosphere. With demand for fossil fuels increasing daily, experts predict emission levels will triple in the next 100 years. But, the greenhouse effect remains the subject of heated debate among scientists, climatologists, and futurists. Some believe the earth's temperature will rise by nearly 410 degrees, melting arctic ice caps and paradoxically, bringing about a new Ice Age. Others believe the weather will stay relatively normal. Who's right? Decide for yourself as this riveting two-hour special gives you the fascinating – and occasionally frightening – forecast for the future. Features:Joint study by experts at NOVA and FrontlinePrintable materials for educatorsAccess to the What's Up with the Weather? websiteScene selectionClosed captions From deadly flooding in Africa, to catastrophic hurricanes in the U.S., and record-high temperatures worldwide, the debate rages on – are these natural, temporary glitches in our global climate, or is the devastation the result of global warming? Find out the latest in scientific insight with this riveting joint study by NOVA and Frontline.

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Military Satellites:

GOES Hawaii IR    GOES Hawaii Visible    GOES Hawaii Close Up IR    GOES Hawaii Close Up Visible

Hawaii Forecasts: 


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Summit Weather Radio


Summit Weather Radio

Be prepared for any adventure – or emergency – with this versatile multi-band radio. Features:Digital multi-band radioHand crank, solar and rechargeable battery power AM/FM/SW/LW clock with alarm 30 preset channels let you store your favorite stationsFull charge gives 20 hours of playtime30 seconds of cranking gives 30 minutes of playtimeCrank-level LED indicates the optimum winding speedHigh performance amorphous thin film solar panelIncludes:Rechargeable NI-MH battery packShortwave antennaAC/CD adapterInternational shortwave guideUnique self-sufficient energy technology makes this the radio you can count on anytime, anywhere.

  Grundig Hand Crank Emergency Radio with Weather Alert
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