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Situated on a quiet beach at the end of the Wailea Beach path, the Polo Beach Club enjoys a unique and exquisite sandy beach front location in one of the best spots in the islands. It is the home of many full-time residents, their families, and visitors. At our small “community”, the endeavor is for a property that is somewhat quiet, and respectful of other persons and the surrounding nature.

A common question is “Are children OK?” - Yes. However, unlike some resorts in the area, there is no lifeguard and responsible adult supervision is required. Because of the more quiet nature of The Polo Beach Club, children might not feel comfortable with loud games, parties, etc.

Together, we’ve discovered over time that everyone - Owners and Visitors - will find greater enjoyment in our village atmosphere and allow everyone to enjoy their stay when we all follow some simple guidelines based on commonsense and courtesy to others. For example, if a location where loud partying is desired, there may be other accommodations that are better geared to this type of activity. Attached, you’ll find an abridged version of our House Rules, which will ensure everyone’s enjoyment – Visitors and Owners alike.

The Polo Beach Club fronts on Polo Beach. As with all beaches in Maui, these are public beaches. They are great beaches from which to enjoy the warm waters of the Pacific. But, please remember that the ocean is a powerful force. Enjoy it with care and caution. Always recognize that waves sometimes are large and may cause a strong undertow and that, when you swim out from the beach, you may encounter strong currents.

Hopefully this brief outline gives a feel for the atmosphere at the Polo Beach Club. . It may be that Polo is exactly what you are looking for, if so……... WELCOME, and enjoy your stay.

Abridged Polo Beach Club Rules

(This is for quick reference and does not supersede the full House Rules):

1.) Quiet hours are from 8pm to 8am on the property, including lanais.

2.) Entire property is non-smoking, including lanais and outside.

3.) Please use your gate key (no fence hopping) to access beach and pool.

4.) Please be respectful of others. Especially if others are sleeping - either early morning or at night.

5.) Use of property is for checked-in occupants only. You may invite occasional, quiet guests, but it is not intended to be a "meeting place" for a larger gathering. Some types of gatherings can be arranged

ahead of time at the front desk. Sleeping overnight on the lanais is not allowed.

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